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Past Masters of the New Forest Hounds

1781-1800   Mr H V Gilbert
1800-1802   Mr John Compton
1802-1808   A committee
1808-1814   Mr John Warde
1814-1828   Mr Nicoll
1828-1838   Mr W Wyndham
1838-1842   Mr C W Codrington
1842-1853   Capt Shedden
1853-1854   Mr Theobald
1854-1860   Mr E Timson
1860-1869   Capt Morant
1869-1874   Mr W C Standish
1874-1878   Sir Reginald Graham, Bt.
1878-1885   Mr George Meyrick
1885-1886   Major Browne
1886-1889   Mr Frederick Bradburne
1889-1894   Mr Stanley Pearce
1894-1999   Mr H M Powell
1899-1900   Mr Christopher Heseltine
1900-1905   Mr H F Compton
1905-1907   Mr H M Powell
1907-1911   Mr W de P Cazenove
1911-1913   Mr J A Cooke-Hurle & Major Cooke-Hurle
1913-1914   Lt Col Cooke-Hurle
1914-1915   Major Timson
1916-1918   A committee
1919-1956   Lt Col Sir George Meyrick, Bt.
1956-1958   A committee
1958-1959   Lt Col A W G East, Mr R F Hill & Mrs C Darling
1959-1960   Lt Col A W G East, Mr R F Hill
1960-1962   Lt Col A W G East, Mr R F Hill & Mrs B Scott
1962-1964   Mrs B Scott, Sir Newton Rycroft & Brig P J Jeffreys
1964-1967   Mrs B Scott & Sir Newton Rycroft, Bt.
1967-1972   Sir Newton Rycroft
1972-1973   Sir Newton Rycroft & Major Wainwright
1974-1982   Sir Newton Rycroft
1982-1984   Sir Newton Rycroft & Mr A Taylor
1984-1986   Mr P Cross, Mr S Sherwood & Mr J Whaley
1986-1987   Mr P Cross, Mr S Sherwood,  Mr J Whaley & Mr D Plumpton
1987-1988   Mr S Sherwood, Mr J Whaley & Mr D Plumpton
1988-1989   Mr S Sherwood, Mr D Plumpton & Mrs M Lovell
1989-1991   Mr S Sherwood, Mr R Jenkins & Mr P Ames
1991-1992   Mr S Sherwood, Mr R Jenkins, Mr K Allen, Mr P Ames & Mr P Bailey
1992-1993   Capt. S Clarke, Mr K Allen & Mr P Bailey
1993-1994   Capt. S Clarke
1994-1995   Capt. S Clarke, Mrs A Miller, Miss P Hudson & Mr J - Christophe Iseaux
1996-1997   Mr A Waugh, Mr G Biddle & Mr R Everest
1997-1998   Mr R Moore, Mr A Waugh & Mr C Lawrence-Price
1998-1999   Mr J Scott-Bolton & Mr R Moore
1999-2000   Mr J Scott-Bolton, Mr D Laud & Mr J Prideaux
2000-2002   Miss P Hudson and committee
2002-2008   Miss P Hudson, Mr P Ames and committee
2008-2016   Mr P Ames, Mr A Brown and committee
2016-2018   Mr A Brown, Dr G Ferris and committee
2018-   Mr A Brown, Dr G Ferris, Mrs C Lovell and committee

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